There are a couple of posts, articles and papers that I enjoyed and wanted to share:

  • How to read a code - a great article about how to jump into a large codebase with confidence. It first describes some learning theory and walks through a practical example of reading code. It reminds me of A Mind For Numbers book (also recommended) and is a great inspiration. I don’t agree with all the points but it’s still worth a read.

  • Reasons why bugs might feel “impossible” - a great summary of what comes into tracking down difficult bugs. Don’t forget to check out her zines, they are awesome!

  • How I found a bug in Intel Skylake processors - on the topic of impossible bugs. A clear and detailed write-up of debugging an issue that turned out to be a hardware bug. Quite an exciting story!

  • Organizational Skills Beat Algorithmic Wizardry - I completely agree with this blog post. It’s possible to survive and do a good work as a programmer if you can arrange and organize things. I’m the walking proof of this!